About Us

Welcome to Spine Central
(formerly Matraville Chiropractic)

Welcome to the Spine Central website. As our name implies – The Spine is Central to what we do here. Chances are you are looking for one or more of the following:

  1. Symptom Relief – PAIN – Get me out of IT”!
  2. An assessment and diagnosis  – “What’s wrong”!
  3. Solutions to a problem you are having – “Can you help me”?
  4. Looking to maintain a healthy spine as part of general wellness – “What can I do to help myself”?

Here at Spine Central we are an Evidence Based Practice. Meaning we want to provide the best possible  service  by:

  1. Staying current with the latest research findings in regard the effectiveness of various treatments for different conditions and different individuals
  2. Using my clinical experience of over twenty years in practice and seeing thousands of patients with spine related conditions
  3. Respecting each patient’s preferences for treatments and the uniqueness of each patient (The treatment should fit the patient and not attempting to fit the patient to the treatment)

I hope you find what you are looking for in our pages.

Dr Dirk Williams | Maroubra Chiropractor
Spine Central | (02) 9311 2258