Meet Our Chiropractor

Dr Dirk williamsMeet Dr Dirk Williams (Chiropractor)

My Chiropractic Story

I grew up in New Zealand where rugby union is close to a religion; I was playing rugby for one of the top provinces and was in the peak of my career when I suffered a groin injury. I followed the normal medical advice which included rest, anti-inflammation drugs and physiotherapy of the injured muscle.

After a few months of no improvement, and the problem getting worse, another player advised me I should see a Chiropractor.

I knew nothing about chiropractic at the time but was desperate for anything that would help. The approach was so different. I was a Physical Education teacher at the time and had what I thought was a good understanding of the musculoskeletal system, but was amazed by what the Chiropractor found.

He didn’t focus on the injured muscle but looked at what caused it to become injured. I recovered and continued to have regular chiropractic check-ups because I just functioned better.

I was so amazed with chiropractic I decided to undertake the five year full-time university course. At the time it meant moving to Australia and the rugby outpost of Melbourne. I continued to play rugby through Chiropractic School and after graduating.

I credit having regular chiropractic care as allowing me to play seventeen years of first class rugby including playing international games against the South African Springboks, New Zealand All Blacks, Australian Wallabies, France, England, Wales, USA, Samoa, Fiji and Japan.

I later learned many top international sports men and women have regular chiropractic care not only for treatment and prevention on injuries but to enhance their performance.

Academic Qualifications

  • Degree in Physical Education BPhEd.– Dunedin New Zealand
  • Diploma in Teaching Dip Teaching. – Wellington New Zealand
  • Degree in Chiropractic BAppSc(Chiro) – RMIT University Melbourne
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Chiropractic PostGrad Cert (Sports Chiro) – RMIT University Melbourne
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician CCSP – American Chiropractors Association

My Approach

Sport has been a significant part of my life and consequently has been intertwined with my development as a Chiropractor. I view all my patients as athletes, and the various activities they do in a normal day as their unique sport, and my role being to improve their performance.

It may be a golfer whose lack of neck and shoulder motion is restricting their swing, a new mother who is struggling with the physical demands of lifting and carrying their new baby, an office worker struggling with the physical demands of prolonged sitting, or a builder requiring strength, endurance and mobility to perform their normal duties.

I also believe strongly in a natural approach to healing and any form of training, utilising the body’s inbuilt power to heal and adapt. We are meant to move; unfortunately modern life has created patterns of life very distant from what the body has been doing for thousands of years.

I have also found, with over twenty years experience as a Chiropractor, that every individual is unique and what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. The key in obtaining results is matching the treatment to the patient or the training method to the athlete and not taking a one size fits all approach.

For this reason I use an expanded range of methods and constantly monitor for new methods and approaches that may offer better outcomes.

I would like you to take the first step and make an appointment to see me. You may be seeking relief from pain or you may be interested in better sports performance or improved health. I consider myself an excellent listener and would appreciate the opportunity to find out if I can help you. Contact us today.